Dehumidifier ORION of stationay type

Dehumidifier of stationary type

The large capacity series

Capacity: 7.6~14 L/h

Model: RFB2200F1/ F1-R & RFB3750F1/ F1-R

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1. Wide temperature control range from 5oC to 40oC. ※The model with cooling function (R type).

(Our corresponding conventional models: 16~40o

2. Operating temperature and humidity display by easy operation.

Possible to check it in inspection mode, such as a corresponding conventional models.

3. Cooling/ dehumidifying switching operation by remote control.

※The model with cooling function (R type).

Easy work through the front side.

4. HFC refrigerant (R410A) adoption, ZERO destruction coefficient of ozone layer.




1 The numerial value indicated above is based on 25oC of suction air temperature and 80% of relative humidity. The performance capacity is 90% or more of the indicated.

※2 The numerial value indicated above is based on 25oC of suction air temperature, 80% of relative humidity and 30oC of ambient temperature of an outdoor unit. The performance capacity is 90% or more of the indicated.

※3 In case of use of beyond operable temperature range, it cannot operate with cooler. (It may rise in room temperature due to force dehumidifying operation.)

※4 The figures in parentheses show dimensions before a plenum chamber box is attached.

※5 Not including outdoor unit.

※6 The sound level is the value measured 1 meter away from the front and 1 meter high.

. The plenum chamber shall be assembled and installed at the site.

. The electric wiring, wiring of an outdoor unit and refrigeration piping must be arranged at the site.


Operable range

Diagram 01: Dehumidifier ORION – Operable range.

Dehumidifying capacity

Diagram 02: Dehumidifier ORION – Operable range.


Outdoor unit specification

Diagram 03: Dehumidifier ORION – Outdoor unit specification.


1) Installation works like brazing are required for connection of refrigerant piping between a dehumidifier and outdoor unit. Order your dealer or a specialist for such works.

2) Power wiring, transit wiring and refrigerant piping must be arranged locally.

3) If the pipe length between dehumidifier and outdoor unit exceeds 5m, extra refrigerant must be charged.


Cooling capacity

Diagram 04: Dehumidifier ORION – Cooling capacity.


Duct (D200) assembly


Cable set

The control panel can be taken away from the dehumidifier to control it remotely.


Remote control wiring assembly

Connector for remote control terminal on base material.

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