Dehumidifiers idealized to use at construction & civil works sites

Dehumidifiers idealized to use at construction & civil works sites

Model: RFB500FL

Capacity: 1.4 L/h

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  1. Being equipped with large casters, it is easy to move the dehumidifiers.
  2. It is possible to store dehumidifiers two-storied, thanks to the reinforced frame.
  3. For such applications as>>>>
    • Drying walls and interior of building at the construction sites.
    • Dehumidifying in basement or preventing mildew or abnormal smell from coming out.
    • Dehumidifying in warehoues or humidity control in production plants.



1 The value of dehumidifying capacity is based on 30oC of suction are temperature and 80% of relative humidity.

※2 The dehumidifyig capacity is 95% or more of the indicated.

※3 The sound level is the value measured 1 meter away from the front and 1 meter high.

  • With large casters (Front: Frame, Behind: Tires (D150))
  • Two-storied storage frame.
  • ※ Overturn-prevent should be implemented in case of two-storied installation.
  • Optional: Humidistat.

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